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Rowland's Your Independent Grocer
Port Elgin, ON

Why not relieve some shopping stress and save yourself some time, and shop for your food and beverages, pharmacy and home essentials all in one place.

Don't forget when you're looking for a quick meal idea, make sure you visit us. We have a wide selection of hot and cold foods including salads, roasted chickens, and fried chicken, pizza and sandwiches.

Beer and Wine Sales

We now sell beer & wine at our store. We have a large and growing section of the top brands and often have specials. Available 9am-9pm Mon-Fri, 9am-7pm Saturdays, and 11am-6pm Sundays,

In-Store Pharmacy
We also have a in-store Pharmacy to serve all your health and wellness needs. Including a large health food section including frozen foods and dietary specific products.

We also have a delivery service - Just call and place your order - Pay by credit card, and we will have it delivered to your home, boat, campsite or cottage. What could be easier?

Newly renovated large full-service grocery store with

  • deli
  • fresh produce
  • meat department
  • bakery
  • photo developing
  • full service pharmacy and health food section


Hot meals to go!

Running late or don't feel like cooking check out our "hot mealds to Go" department


Drop in see all our Joe Fresh clothing line.....From babies to adults explore Joe's fresh new fashions right here in Port Elgin!

Your full service grocery store with fresh seafood, bakery, deli and “Meals to Go

Open daily from 7 am to 9 pm 

And don’t forget we have:

  • Joe Fresh Kidz Kloz
  • Custom cut  fresh meat
  • Home of No Name and President's Choice products
  • Wide selection of natural value, organic and Gluten Free products

No matter what the size of your celebration, corporate function, or family get together our staff is always ready to give advice and suggestions for your special event.
• Beach party
• Cottage arrival and vacation
• Stag & Does
• BBQ's
• Anniversary Party
• Birthday Party
• Retirement Party
• Staff party or meeting
• Family reunion
• Team event or meeting
• Corporate meeting or event for valued customers or clients
• Open House

Our Meat, Deli and Bakery departments offer a wide variety of selections to fit all budgets and venues.

Call us today to meet with our staff and we will help you to plan the perfect event....

Leave all the worry to us, and you just sit back and relax!!

Wide selection of food....

At Rowland’s Your Independent Grocer we have dedicated our store to offering fresh and healthy options for you and your family. We have a health food section and also offer cleaning, personal hygiene and beauty item for you to choose from.

Healthy eating starts with having healthy foods in your home. With so many options, knowing what to choose can be a challenge. Rest assured, with a little preparation and knowledge, making the right choices can be as easy as one, two, three!

Have a plan! Create a weekly meal plan based on Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide.

Make a list!

Use your meal plan to make a grocery shopping list.
Stick to it! Use your shopping list and stick to it at the grocery store.
How to make wise choices with Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide:
Choosing a variety of foods from all four food groups can help you achieve a balanced, healthy eating plan.

Enjoy plenty of vegetables and fruit.
Choose plenty of dark green and orange vegetables like broccoli, spinach, sweet potato and squash. Buy fresh or frozen vegetables whenever possible. Look for canned vegetables that are low in sodium. Canned and frozen fruits and vegetables packed in water or natural juice are as nutritious as fresh.

Make at least half your grain products whole grain.
Make at least half of your grain servings whole grain each day. Enjoy a variety of grains such as barley, quinoa and rice which are naturally sodium free. Look for the words "whole grain whole wheat flour", whole rye, whole oat or oatmeal, whole corn, whole barley, etc., at the beginning of the ingredient list on packaged grain products and choose grain products that are low in fat, sugar and salt.

Choose lower fat milk and alternatives.
Buy skim, 1% or 2% milk or a fortified soy beverage. Plan to drink two cups every day for adequate vitamin D. Compare the Nutrition Facts table on packaged foods to help you select lower fat milk alternatives like low fat yogurt and cheeses.

Select lean meat and alternatives
Buy leaner meats and enjoy alternatives such as beans, lentils and tofu often. Eat at least two servings of fish such as herring, char, mackerel, salmon, sardines and trout each week. Buy low sodium canned beans or try dried beans, peas and lentils.  Buy unseasoned meat, poultry, fish, seafood and tofu. Choose unsalted nuts.

Oils and fats
Choose vegetable oils such as canola, olive, and soybean, low fat-mayonnaise and soft margarines that are low in saturated and trans fats. Limit butter, hard margarine, lard and shortening.

Limit food and beverage choices that are less healthy
Keep in mind that food and beverages that are high in calories, fat, sugar and salt (sodium) should be limited but can be enjoyed at times. These include cakes and pastries, chocolate and candies, cookies and granola bars, doughnuts and muffins, ice cream and frozen desserts, french fries, potato chips, nachos and other salty snacks, alcohol, fruit flavoured drinks, soft drinks, sports and energy drinks, and sweetened hot or cold drinks.

Read food labels to help you make wise choices
Read the Nutrition Facts Table
Use the Nutrition Facts table on food labels to choose nutritious products with less fat, saturated fat, trans fat, sugar and sodium. The % Daily Value tells you if the food has a little or a lot of a particular nutrient. 5% DV means a food has a little of a nutrient. 15% DV means a food has a lot of a nutrient. Remember that the calorie and nutrient content that is listed is based on the amount of food specified at the top of the table.

Courtesy of Eat Right Ontario

1244 Highway 21
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