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Local Focus Friday: The Wildflower Company Mercantile

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The Wildflower Company Mercantile is a relatively new store to Port Elgin's downtown core as they opened this past February. When Sharon and Brian initially opened their store, they started building up their inventory with products from local entrepreneurs and small businesses. After they stocked most of their store with unique products, they had their grand opening on April 7th. The Wildflower Company Mercantile has only recently opened and they are a bit further from many of Port Elgin's retail shops, so many people may not know that they are there and the products and services they offer. 

The Wildflower Company is different than most shops that typically only stock one type of product. They are a Mercantile store, so they can carry anything and everything Sharon says it was important that her store was not confined to sell a particular kind of product. The pair sell a variety of Christian products as they are Christians themselves and found that there were not many places in the area that had these types of goods. The Wildflower Company also carries a range of homemade jams, jellies and preserves, honey, barbecue sauces and rubs, soup mixes, trail mixes, books from local authors, candy, and lots of giftware. In addition to their numerous ranges of products listed, The Wildflower Company has also created two clothing lines-The Bruce County clothing line and the Wildflower clothing line. The Bruce County line was created for locals to enjoy and sport apparel important to our community with the slogan, "love where you live". Sharon created The Wildflower line because she has been coaching women for several years now. The brand represents Sharon's coaching theme that we are all wildflowers; unique, strong, vibrant, resilient, and beautiful.  


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"People really need to come and look because there is so much here at our store." 

- Sharon Schwass 

She also shared what her favourite thing about her business is: "Just working here every day and getting to talk to people. I find people interesting, and I like the opportunity to not only say, 'Hi, how can I help you?' but also find out something about them and engage them in conversation. I want to help them feel like they can be comfortable coming in here," said Schwass. She also commented that apart from the social aspect of owning her store she is really excited about their two t-shirt lines. 

Additionally, the couple offer The Wildflower Workshop. For a fee, you can rent out this large room with a boardroom-style table that can accommodate 10-12 people comfortably. It comes with Wi-Fi, a 40-inch Smart TV, and a whiteboard. The Wildflower Company also use it to host various workshops throughout the year. 

Although the company has only been open for five months now, they have done a lot to give back to the community. Besides stocking a large part of their store with local and small business owner's products, The Wildflower Company has a coffee donation program to help locals support others in need. People can come in to get a cup of coffee or tea free with a donation. The Wildflower Company's contribution to the program is the cups and coffee. Previously, The Wildflower Company has given the money raised to those who need it in the community and a relief agency in support of Ukraine. They are currently accepting donations for Toonies for Tom so feel free to stop in and contribute! 

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Sharon explained that The Wildflower Company Mercantile focuses on building up the community and the neighbourhood.  

"We do this by serving people who live in our neighborhood and our community and by bringing in local small businesses, even smaller than us, who work out of their homes. Our motto here at the Wildflower is 'we rise by lifting others'." said Schwass. 

The Wildflower Company would like to encourage the community to bring in your small business products to be featured and sold at their store. 

"We work really closely with our vendors and our suppliers, hoping that we can support each other." said Schwass.  

Stop in at The Wildflower Company Mercantile to see what great products they offer and for a chance to donate and help our community. 

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