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Canada Rocks
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Canada Rocks

Saugeen Shores, Ontario, Canada

Coming together to support our Indigenous neighbours

We're asking families to decorate 154 rocks with images that mean "Canada" to you - the maple leaf, hockey, the Great Lakes, whatever is special to you.

From June 21st to the 30th, the Port Elgin Tourism Centre, Southampton Tourism Centre, and Port Elgin Harbour office will have pickup stations 10am - 4pm daily, where you can get a rock to paint at home.

With the revelations of this year, Canada Day doesn't call for celebration but reinvention - we should show our support to our Indigenous friends and family and help work towards a future we can all be proud of. With our rocks, let's stand in solidarity with the Indigenous Peoples of Canada and Saugeen, and create a display of love and community.

When you're done painting, head over to the Southampton Flag Pole to place your artwork in the designated display area.

Give a Rock, Take a Rock: If you saw a rock you loved, come and take it home between July 3rd and 5th. Display it in your personal garden or in your window for your family to enjoy!

We understand that the land we stand on has a much richer history that extends to hundreds and thousands of years before Canada's official birthday. We ask you to take the time to learn about Indigenous history and celebrate the culture by reading books written by Indigenous authors, enjoying Indigenous art and supporting Indigenous business.

There is a lot to be grateful for in Canada, but it is our responsibility to understand the past in order to fully appreciate our privilege to live on this land.

Land Acknowledgement Information:

Saugeen Shores, Ontario
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