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Port Elgin & Saugeen Township Beacher's Association
Port Elgin, Ontario

The Port Elgin and Saugeen Township Beachers' Organization was started in the early 1900's and currently has a membership of 300 families of both seasonal and permanent residents. The Beachers' is the voice of its members in Saugeen Shores regarding environmental and civic concerns.

We work co-operatively with other partners including the Town of Saugeen Shores, the Police and Fire departments and the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation on issues of mutual concern. In addition, we are members of the Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Association (FOCA) and the Waterfront Ratepayers After Fair Tax (WRAFT), two influential lobby groups at the Provincial level.

Our goal is to advance the interests of property owners in Port Elgin and Saugeen Township to various levels of government and private agencies to maintain and improve the quality of life in this beautiful recreational area! 

The Beachers' Organization is composed of the general membership and a volunteer Board of Directors that meet regularly during the spring, summer and fall. We welcome our members to attend the Annual General meeting to share ideas and concerns in an open and friendly forum and to contact any director at any time. 

A Common Voice:
We act as a common voice on behalf of members by expressing concerns, opinions and recommendations to the appropriate individuals and/or officials on issues with potential impact on the community. For example:

  • Municipal Strategic Plans
  • Local By-Law changes
  • Beach development and maintenance
  • Taxation


A Communicator: 

  • We provide members with pertinent information on current topics by means of:
  • Timely Newsletters
  • An open Annual General Meeting.


A Provider of Services:

We provide services that members feel are important by: 

  • Conducting surveys to gain members' ideas on key issues such as: the town's Official Plan, and a Waterfront Master Plan
  • Implementing an optional winter patrol service.
  • Producing an Annual Directory of members and other community information.


A Community Builder:
We have a volunteer Board of Directors who work on behalf of members by:

  • Building congenial and respectful working relationships with the Municipal Council members and senior officials from the Police, Fire, Community Services and Public Works Departments.
  • Improving signage in beach areas and trails.
  • Arranging for “Operation Identification” for home protection.


An Associate:

We co-operate with other like minded organizations on issues of common interest by:

  • Being a member of the Federation of Ontario Cottagers Associations (FOCA) and the Waterfront Ratepayers after Fair Taxation (WRAFT) where the focus is on taxation and assessment issues. 
  • Working with the Southampton Residents’ Association on mutual concerns.
  • Collaborating with the Lake Huron Centre for Costal Conservation on beach and dune preservation.


  • David Shemilt



  • John Kyles (past - president)
  • John Mann 
  • Dave Martin
  • Wayne McGrath
  • Jean Myatt
  • Linda Riddoch
  • Bill Rose

The Beachers' Organization is focused on important community concerns and issues.

  • We have a strong united voice in Saugeen Shores
  • We take an active role in challenging and resolving community issues
  • We become involved when sensitive environmental concerns need to be addressed
  • We are a great resource of community stewardship and information
  • We maintain a watchful eye on our neighbourhoods

The Beachers' Organization makes a difference!

Please contact us with your comments, suggestions, or enquiries. Do we have your e-mail address?


telephone: 519 386-0934

mail: Port Elgin & Saugeen Township Beachers’ Organization
Box 377
Port Elgin ON N0H 2C0

The dates for the Council and Committees meetings along with the agenda, minutes and webcasts (if available) are available on the Meeting Calendar. The Minutes and Agendas for all Committee meetings are available from our Document Center.

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P.O. Box 377
Port Elgin
Ontario, N0H2C0