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Town of Saugeen Shores Facility Rentals
Port Elgin, Ontrario

The Town of Saugeen Shores provides beautiful venues for rent, for a number of special events. Whether a private function (wedding, anniversary, reunion etc.) or a public meeting, the Town of Saugeen Shores is happy to offer space for rent.

Facilities Include:

  • The Plex, Port Elgin  - Main Floor, Rotary Hall, Meeting Rooms
  • The Coliseum, Southampton - Main, Floor, Green Room, Annex
  • Historical Southampton Town Hall
  • Pavilions and Parkland
  • Lake Huron Shoreline

When a facility is rented you can expect exceptional personalized service.

Our Facility Booking Coordinator would be happy to discuss services provided with the rental.

To rent a facility, please contact Joanne Whitney at 519-832-2008 or during the hours listed below.

Coming soon!

For your convenience, online facility booking will be available.

600 Tomlinson Drive, Saugeen Shores
Port Elgin
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